The Best Tailgate Outdoor Games

Everybody Likes A Little Fun In The Sun!

Now that you have your food taken care with one of our highly recommended Grills, it's time to enjoy a few games designed for the great outdoors.  Keep in mind that the real competition is still on its way, but it's always good to get your competitive juices flowing before the game with family and friends.  Here are the best tailgate outdoor games for the big event.

As always, we will recommend the best grills for Alumni, Recent Graduates and Students.

Tailgate Games For Alumni

Alumni tailgates are usually big-time events that include people of all age groups, so to entertain everybody you need to go big on the games too.

Our first Alumni pick is the Jenga Giant Hardwood Game.  It is the biggest, authentic hardwood Jenga sold. Includes Jenga sports tournament charts for competitive play, and a heavy duty Jenga giant carry bag for easy storage and transport.

Alumni really do like their tailgate games to be big, so our second choice is the GoSports Giant Wooden 4 In A Row Game.  The game board is made from wood, while the coins (21 Red and 21 Blue) are made from hard plastic and will never break.  A carry case is included for neat storage and easy portability to your next tailgate.

Cornhole is a game that everybody loves to play at a Tailgate.  The Tailgate Store recommends the Legit Sports Cornhole Boards.  The plastic cornhole boards are made from high quality plastic and are foldable to make carrying simple.  Each set comes with 8 properly weighted professional beanbags each with excellent stitching and filled with high quality material.  Decals can be added to represent your favorite team.

Our last recommendation for outdoor games for Alumni is the Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set. This set is made in Italy by the official supplier to the world bocce champs for more than 20 years.  The balls are regulation size and are guaranteed for ten years against breakage.  This is the best bocce ball set you will ever play.

Tailgate Games For Recent Graduates

Since you are a recent graduate you are not that far removed from playing drinking games at a tailgate. Well you don't need to stop that tradition, but now you can do it with a little more sophistication.

The Tailgate Store's first recommendation for Recent Graduates is Bucket Ball.  The game includes 12 ultra-durable buckets (6 Blue & 6 Orange), 2 hybrid balls and a tote bag. It weighs less than 7 pounds and when it is setup for game play, it is just as large as cornhole, but only takes up less than a cubic foot of space when it's transported.

Recent Graduates will love the Sport Squad Endzone Challenge at their next tailgate.  The game comes with four foam footballs & four plastic discs while keeping  track of scores with the slidable scorer.  It's quick and easy to assemble with a very durable plastic frame and a slide on fabric playing surface.

Our next game recommendation is Corkaine.  There are 30 playing cup and 6 cup colors. Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Yellow, & Orange.  Each cup color has a different rule attached to it and can be used in eight different games.  The gameboard is made with high-quality parts making it waterproof, UV stabilized, weatherproof, and shatterproof.  A carry bag is also included to easily get the game to your next tailgate.

Our final suggestion for a Recent Graduate, is the Franklin Sports Professional Ladder Ball Set. Two official ladder ball targets are included, made from steel for better stability, along with tournament-style bolas and 6 golf tosses—3 red and 3 blue.  A carrying case is also included to make getting it to and from a tailgate easy.

Tailgate Games For Students

Let's face the fact that many students play drinking games at tailgates. With that in mind, and your limited budget here are some games to consider that are also fun without your favorite cocktail.

Let's start our pick of games for Students with the basic building block for beer pong, Hefty Disposable Plastic Cups.  This set of 100 cups should get you through the entire season with some left over.  Serve drinks or play a game, the choice is yours.

Our next game suggestion will surely get you noticed at the next tailgate. The Daron Doody Head Game provides hours of fun and will bring a smile to your face.  Throw the goodies on to your opponent's head to score points. Playset includes 2 hats, 3 goodies and instructions for game play.

For many Students, the simpler the game the better, and it doesn't get simpler than the Wilson NFL Super Grip Official Football. Made with a high-performance composite material, this football offers the ideal blend of durability, grip and performance worthy of the official NFL logo.  Easy to throw and easy to catch makes it a great tailgate addition.

Finally, if you are going to play beer pong, you might as well have a ping pong ball made specifically for the game.  The SPORTZGO Beer Pong Balls come in a pack of 144, so no more searching for the lost ball. They resist crushing and dents, and are made to withstand hours of play.

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