The Best Tailgate Grills

Nothing Tastes Better Than Freshly Grilled Food!

Whether you're cooking for two or fifty, a grill is essential to making your tailgate a success.  While your choice of food is up to you, what you will need is a portable grill that is easy to transport on wheels, or can be placed on a Table, and is simple to operate.  So let's fill the air with the sweet smell of freshly grilled meats, vegetables and even deserts, for the very creative.  Below are the best tailgate grills for the ultimate tailgate party.

As always, we will recommend the best grills for Alumni, Recent Graduates and Students.

Tailgate Grills For Alumni

Alumni tend to go big when they tailgate. Their groups are larger and their taste in food is bigger and bolder. They need a grill that is not just portable but can help feed an army.

The Royal Gourmet 8-Burner Event Grill is perfect for the very large tailgate.  This grill requires two LP canisters and has over 950 square inches of cooking surface. Built with a porcelain-coated steel wire grill grates and eight stainless steel tube burners, this grill is primed for even the biggest tailgates, and can handle more than 60 burgers at once.

Some Alumni like to cook a variety of different meats and vegetables at a tailgate.  For this crowd try the Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill/Griddle Station.  It has 720 square inches of flat top grilling which is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It has two side shelves, one with a removable cutting board, and is built to last with a powder coated Black Steel frame, stainless Steel burners and thick cold Rolled Steel cooktop.

The Weber Q2200 Propane Grill is a ground or tabletop tailgate grill that boasts a 280 square inch cooking area. Its stainless-steel burner puts out 12,000 BTUs-per-hour and comes with an electronic ignition and a built-in thermometer.  The grill also has two folding side work areas to help make your tailgate cooking a breeze.

Our last Alumni choice is the Broil King Porta-Chef 120 Grill.  This grill travels easily with its removable shelves and snap in legs.  It has a 220 square inch cooking area and a 128 square inch warming rack. The unit has a thick and durable cast aluminum cook box that will retain heat and will never rust and heavy cast iron cooking grids to help sear your meats perfectly.


Tailgate Grills For Recent Graduates

Many of these grills can be used by recent graduates not only for tailgating but can also be used at home in the backyard or on an apartment deck, where permitted.

Our first grill recommended for Recent Graduates is a smaller version of one of our Alumni grills, the Weber Q1000 Propane Grill.  The Q1000 is a tabletop grill with 189 square inches of cooking space, or the equivalent of six burgers.  It has a push-button ignition and its stainless-steel burner produces 8500 BTUs-per-hour.

All tailgaters will love the Coleman RoadTrip LXE Grill for their next tailgate or to use in the backyard. This grill has over 285 square inches of cooking surface and Delivers a total of 20,000 BTUs of grilling power.  A griddle is included for more cooking options and it's easy-to-clean with cast-iron and porcelain-coated surfaces with a removable grease tray. It also folds flat for easy transport.

Recent Graduates that want to go old school should look at the Weber Original Kettle.  It comes in a variety of sizes and uses charcoal for heat. It has a high-capacity ash catcher which provides hassle-free ash cleanup, a lid hook so you don't have to put the lid on the ground and the cooking grate is hinged for easily adding charcoal while grilling.

Our final choice for Recent Graduates is the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Tabletop Grill.  This grill has 145 square inches of cooking space and fold-away legs.  It only weighs 17 pounds, so it can go anywhere. This grill has a powerful 5,500 BTU stainless-steel burner and even-heating porcelain-enameled grate.

Tailgate Grills For Students

These grills are perfect for students because they are small and easy to carry. They are best used on a Table, but can also be put on the ground.

The Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is our first selection for the Student tailgater.  This grill has a push button ignition, 160 square inches of cooking space, a porcelain-enameled cooking grate and plated steel legs that keep the lid closed for transport.  Once closed, the top's heavy-duty handle makes it very easy to carry.

The Tailgate Store's next selection is the Coleman Fold-N-Go Instastart Grill. This little grill delivers 6,000 BTUs of heat across 105 square inches of grilling surface.  It lights without the need of matches or a lighter for safety.  It only weighs 10 pounds and has a removable dishwasher-safe cooking surface and grease tray for easy cleaning.

Any Student will truly love the Grillerette Pro Grill.  It is battery powered charcoal grill, so no propane is needed.  It only weighs 8 pounds and uses only a small amount of charcoal for cooking. The battery-powered fan blows air into the charcoal to help it get lit and stay lit.  The fan also helps control the temperature of the grill.

Finally, we recommend for Students the Coleman Party Propane Grill.  This compact, portable grill is perfect for a small tailgate.  It has a push button ignition and 122 square inch grill top.  The detachable legs fit inside the grill for easy transport and storage.

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