What Makes A Great Tailgate?

Welcome To The Tailgate Store! Whether your favorite sport is Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby, Polo, etc., tailgating before the big game is a fun and social tradition enjoyed by millions.  No matter how big or small you want to go, we have you covered.  We pick out only the best reviewed products to help you make the perfect buying decision (See our Five Steps For The Perfect Tailgate below).

The Tailgate Store's reviews and recommendations are separated into product categories, like Cold Packs, Coolers, Grills, Games, Sound, Seating, Tables, Shade, Power and Team Merchandise.  To further assist you in finding the exact right product, we separate these categories by recommendations for Alumni, Recent Graduates and Students which we define below.


Alumni usually host larger tailgates and are now able to purchase what they want, when they want it.  This category will highlight the best of the best to make any size tailgate one to enjoy and remember.

Recent Graduate

Recent Graduates are young adults that have a little extra money now and want to spend it wisely.  Their tailgates are smaller but tend to have all ages groups attend, from small children to parents and friends.


Students usually have small tailgates with a limited number of people.  These products must fit their tight budgets, be lightweight and easy to store, but also be high quality designed for use beyond the tailgate for other activities.

Five Steps For The Perfect Tailgate!

Step 1: Keep Your Food And Drinks Ice Cold.

The first thing everyone needs at a tailgate is to keep their food and drinks cold.  Tailgates can last for thirty minutes or four hours.  The key is to have everything stay cold for the length of the tailgate and remain cold for the after-game tailgate and the ride home.

Ice Packs are where you start.  Ice can only last so long, but cold packs can remain very cold for hours and even days.  Our best reviewed Ice Pack is the Cooler Shock large soft packs with screw tops, three pack.  These ice packs freeze colder than ice (18 degrees F) and can last for days in the right Cooler.

In order for ice or an Ice Pack to be its most efficient, you will need a great cooler.  Our choice for the perfect Cooler for a great tailgate is the YETI Tundra Haul.  This cooler is super insulated, made with high quality materials and has never flat wheels for easy transport.

Step 2: Get A Grill That Perfectly Cooks Any Tailgate Food.

A Grill for a memorable tailgate needs to be easy to transport, cooks evenly and can handle anything that comes its way.  Today's tailgates can start with breakfast and make its way through lunch and dinner, not to mention desert (Smores!).  The Tailgate Store's recommended Grill is the Broil King Porta-Chef 120 Grill. This grill travels easily with its removable shelves and snap in legs. It has a 220 square inch cooking area and a 128 square inch warming rack. Finally, the unit has a thick and durable cast aluminum cook box that will retain heat and will never rust and heavy cast iron cooking grids to help sear your meats perfectly.

Step 3: Make Sure That You Have A Place To Serve Your Guests, Something To Sit On And A Some Shelter.

Now that the food is prepared you will need some place to serve it.  Portable Tables are a perfect addition to your tailgate.  They can hold your food, cooler, small grill or even a TV.  They are easily transported and come in handy at home for parties.  Our highest reviewed Table is the Office Star six feet, center folding table.  It has a heavy-duty off white resin top that is waterproof, stainproof and scratch resistant.  It can hold up to 300 pounds and folds flat for easy transport.

Everybody likes a comfortable place to sit and talk or even watch TV at a tailgate.  The Tailgate Store's favorite Seating choice is the GCI Portable Folding Rocking Chair.  It has a very sturdy steel frame, supports up to 250 pounds and has a built-in beverage holder.  Its patented spring-action rocking technology is outstanding and it folds nicely for easy transport.

Keeping the sun, rain and even snow off your valuables and your guests is an important part of any tailgate.  Portable Shade is essential, especially if you are going to spend a few hours outside before the game.  Our favorite is the ABCCANOPY 10 x 10 Instant Shelter With Sidewalls.  This unit is waterproof, comes with three sidewalls and an awning for additional shade.  It is easy to setup with no tools and comes with its own carry case on wheels.

Step 4: After Everybody Is Fed And Has Plenty To Drink, It's Time For A Little Entertainment.

Entertainment at a tailgate can be as simple as throwing a football, or can be multiple TVs and blaring music.  The choices are limitless, but we will try and help you narrow the choices some.  First, we recommend a Game of cornhole.  It can be played with two to four players and is great fun for beginners and experts alike. Legit Sports makes a portable cornhole game that contains eight perfectly weighted bags and a carry bag for easy transportation.  They are lightweight and waterproof in case of rain or snow.

Having a good Sound system is also a must for entertaining at your tailgate.  Whether you're listening to sports radio or playing your favorite music, a quality speaker is a must.  The Tailgate Store recommends the Marshall Worburn Bluetooth Speaker. It is very clear and loud, something that is needed outdoors.  It will also let you connect to a TV audio output.  It is very well made and looks great, but beware that it will need a power source to work.

So the final piece to your tailgate entertainment is a reliable Power source.  Items like the Marshall Worburn Speaker or a TV can be run from your car's battery, but then the car needs to be running or you won't make it home after the game.  Instead invest in a good stand-alone generator that can be positioned far away from you and your guests.  Our recommendation is the Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator.  It can be run on either gasoline or propane, is very quite and provides clean power for electronics.

Step 5: Make Sure Everybody Knows Which Team You Are Rooting For

The last step for the perfect tailgate is to fly your Team colors proudly for everybody to see. While we can't help you with your choice of clothing, however, we can help make a bold statement about which Team you are there to cheer for. The Tailgate Store recommends the Victory Tailgate Regulation Cornhole Board Set. This rosewood stained set is regulation size and tournament grade. In addition, over 600 team logos are available to be displayed on these cornhole boards. Finally, it comes with 8 bags all made with duck cloth, triple stretched and double stitched on all seams for extra durability and strength.

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